Chumleigh's Central Casting

Chumleigh’s Central Casting
and Chumleighland in the Woods

Vaudeville, Variety, Music and other Esoteric Arts
A Ten Acre Campout Venue--All the Ambiance of a Third World Vacation
WITHOUT the Cholera or Parasites!

Pardon Our Dust, We're Upgrading!

Movie "KINGDOME!" by Chumleigh's Mega-Colossal Studies all rights reserved

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Halloween Films Update!!! Winds are predicted to gust up to 50 mph
tonight on our section of the Island. WE HAVE TO CANCEL TONIGHT'S
Many of our trees still have their leaves and the August storm a tree blew down on the circus tent.
Usually, the show must go one, but not if you're under canvas in the middle of the woods.
Falling branches and trees on the walk in is a danger too. They are now predicting possible
thunder and lightning storms. Check here, Facebook or call 360 387-4579
tree on tent after last storm

Camano Island Free Summer Outdoor Cinema closed--Thanks for a Great Summer!

New Pristine Circus Tent Top! New Tipis and Tents for Camping
We now have rental canoes, fishing and crabbing tackle!

How to get to Chumleighland (without practicing) Click here for directions

Everything you need to know about Camping at Chumleighland

10 Acre Campout Venue with Genteely Shabby Circus Tent for Rent

Visit our Lovely Wooded Event Venue and Ride the Railpup.
We have a Circus Tent Heater. Run your event into the chilly NW Evenings!
Portable stages, over a hundred chairs, tables, an Outdoor Kitchen, and great sound system and stage lighting!
We can DJ Your Event--All available with our without our brand new 60 by forty Circus Tent Click Here!

Scenes from Chumleighland, a 3MB Slide Show

Chumleigh’s Entertainment and Production Services
Want to Hire the Nefarious R. Chumleigh, or need Vaudeville Entertainment, Music, and Event Production Services for Any Occasion?

Throwback Films 16mm Film Library

Give the Gift of a REEL Movie Showing, Old School!
16mm Rare, Odd and Classic Film Archives and Presentations

Something for Everybody

along with Max and Dave Fleischer Cartoons Show a Classic Reel Film on a Big Screen For Your Party!

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