What’s an Outdoor Cinema?
Out door cinemas at their finest are REEL projected 16mm classic movies, shown on a large screen (or sheet) in backyards,
in a park, or parking lot with easy pedesterian access. A plethora of cheap fly by night Outdoor Cinemas with inflatable screens have proliferated
showing the DREADED DVD'S that have killed and corrupted so many of our teenagers but the film purist in us all cries out for FILM.
Out Door Cinemas can be a single night, one night weekly, or for a series of weeks. Some times all night festivals
are shown as special promotions. Out door cinema encourages a feeling of neighborhood and community and can be a boon to local
business who can take advantage of folks who come to eat and shop before the movies start. Quite often patrons are encouraged to bring their own seating, be it blanket, camp chair, or large couch. A festive air prevails. Folks and families visit, talk and eat. At dusk the movies begin.
Throw Back Films suggests a full program consisting of cartoon, two reeler and or a serial chapter, and main feature. All programs are appropriately matched for year of the feature or the genre.
Out Door Cinemas are a common phenomenon on the east coast where classic movies have been shown in Central Park in the summertime for decades
Though some of the more established outdoor cinemas have a modest admission fee, on many occasions businesses and or local service organizations foot the price of the movies as a promotional expense so they can be shown free of charge. Quite often donations from a passed hat can defray the cost of presentation. Local service groups or charitable institutions can use out door cinemas as fund raising opportunities from popcorn sales and other concessions.
We Can supply everything you need for a great private show. Need a for profit or Non-profit Public showing? We can provide all the equipment
(big screen, projectors and sound system) and projectionist and direct you to companies that provide theatrical and non-theatrical films licensed for public exhibition.

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