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Phantom of the Opera
--(1925, BW) silent with orchestra accompaniment soundtrack) One of the major Icons of the early twentieth century, Lon Chaney would torture himself for films. In this one he had celluloid discs stuck in his cheeks, and hidden wires pulling up his nostrils. “Don’t step on that bug, it may be Lon Chaney” was the saying of the day. Don’t know the plot? Shame on you! IMDb link

The Cat People
--(BW) Producer Val Lewtons subtler answer to Universal horror flicks. Smoldering Smothering Serbian feline eroticism and never quite seen horror. IMDb link

The Wolfman
--(BW,1933) “Even a man who is mild by day, and says his prayers at night...” Lon Chaney Junior, Bella Lugosi in his great old Universal Classic.
IMDb link

King Kong--The restored and Uncut version of an Ape that didn’t need sign language to communicate. One of the Three Saddest Endings in Twentieth Century Films.IMDb link

Son of Dracula--Lon Chaney Jr. dons a cape and heads to bayou country. Rare, and full of that Universal ambiance. IMDb link

Bride of Frankenstein--(1935 BW) Directed by James Whale (go rent “Gods and Monsters”) with Boris Karloff as the monster in this sequel (but closer to the original story by Mary Shelley) that opens with Percy and Mary Shelley discussing her new book with Lord Byron. Best of the Frankenstein movies with the most queens ever to be featured romping and mincing in a classic horror film. In my Ideal Universe Frankenstein’s monster gets to live out his days peacefully with the Blind Hermit....IMDb link

Alice in Wonderland--(BW 1931) No Disney Here!! This is as close to the Tenniel drawings and the spirit and essence of Lewis Carroll as you’ll ever see on film. It’s also one of those packed with stars (many of whom you’ve never heard of) in Heavy Makeup Cameo roles, , but how about Gary Cooper as the White Knight and W.C. Fields as Humpty Dumpty for a start...IMDb link

Flash Gordon on Mars--(1938 BW) A slapped together by the studios later featurette of the 12 serial episodes, but Oh my gawd why aren’t all space ships like these? And Buster Crabbe as Flash vs. Ming the Merciless. No moral middle ground here! IMDb link

Freaks--(1933, BW) Also titled “Forbidden Love at the Carnival”, Tod Brownings disturbingly fascinating movie starring actual circus and performing “freaks” of the time. Part plea for tolerance and understanding of those who are different and part horrific murder revenge triangle. IMDb link

Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein--(1948 BW) The Princes of burlesque humor are thrown together with Dracula (Bella Lugosi), Wolfman (Lon Chaney Jr.). of course the monster of the title and a brief non-appearance by Vincent Price as the Invisible Man. Works as a comedy and a Universal Horror flick. IMDb link

5000 Fingers of Dr. T--(color, 1954) Dr. Seus was responsible for this amazing and somewhat suppressed by the ruling class pro-kid film semi musical version of a boys’ nightmares of the adult world. IMDb link

This Island Earth--(color, 1954) An A+ high budget classic of fifties science fiction. Fairly cerebral kinda anti-Mcarthy flying saucer flick, and the studios made em put a bug eyed monster with pincers in it so they could show the female star being carried away (for implied insect sexual assault) in the arms of said bug eyed monster on the movie poster. Has nothing to do with anything else, but to be fair it is a rather cool bug eyed monster. IMDb link

Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers--(BW 1956) Oh yeah! Washington DC destroyed by very cool FLYING SAUCERS. This Ray Harryhausen special effects film was poorly remade as “Independence Day” and lovingly saluted in Tim Burtons’ “Mars Attacks!” IMDb link

Three Worlds of Gulliver--(1963, Color) Ray Harryhausen tackles Swiftian Satire!!! IMDb link

Seventh Voyage of Sinbad--(1964, Color) One of the BEST Harryhausen flicks with his legendary Cyclops, Roc, Cobra Woman, and sword fight with a SKELETON! And, not a chador on any of those suprisingly light skinned arabian women...IMDb link

Atlantis the Lost Continent--(color, 1961) George Pal’s vision of Atlantis. Very New Age prologue and sexy men and woman and beastmen in psuedo-greek style dress. Evil ancient science gone amuck, but you probably already know the ending, don’t you? IMDb link

Cry of the Banshee--(Color, 1970) Vincent Price in a Hammer studios ghoulie ghosty werahwoof horror film with medieval hippies who practice black magic for revenge against the evil baron and his family. Violence and nudity! IMDb link

Theater of Blood--(Color, 1969) British horror/murder film with Vincent Price and Diana Riggs. Very comical if you’re an actor or performer, not so comical I guess if you’re a critic. Vincent and Diana do some BRILLIANT Shakespeare scenes too. IMDb link

Die Monster Die
--(cheesy color 1965) Nick what’s his name who used to star in The Rebel on tv totally ends what’s left of his career in this American International/British turkey very extremely loosely based on H. P. Lovecrafts’ “The Colour Out of Space”. On the Cheese Meter this rates FIVE Limburgers but is fascinating to witness as the Cheese transcends itself and becomes Kitcsh.
IMDb link

House of Wax--(1956, color) Vincent Price as the once kindly now twisted genius who has perfected a new method of fabrication for his artistic triumphs. Some mild and tasteful naked sm bondage towards the finale (we don’t see alll of her naked but we KNOW she is). IMDb link

Last Man On Earth--(1962, BW) The film that was the inspiration for Night of the Living Dead and remade very poorly as Omega Man. This Italian American production is a masterpiece of imagery with some truly disturbing scenes. Scarred the living piss outta me when I was ten and still has a profound effect. Vincent Price is the Last Man... IMDb link

Donovans Brain--(1954, BW) Animal rights activists are gonna HATE the scientist in this one for what he does to helpless little monkeys. Then he does it to a millionaire which is ok I guess. The forerunner of ALL Brain in an Aquarium movies. IMDb link

The Mummy--(color, 1962) Hammer Film production with good ole Christopher Lee as Kharis the Mummy and Peter Cushing as the surviving archeologist. Bad Englishmen rob Egyptian grave and get what they deserve. IMDb link

Dracula Prince of Darkness--(color, 1964) Second film in the Hammer Dracula series, but each one stands alone. Besides, y’all get a synopsis at the beginning that shows the the destruction of Dracula (Chris Lee) by Van Helsing (Pete Cushing). This ends with a novel “death till the next film” for Dracula. IMDb link

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