Chumleighland on Beautiful Culturally Backwards Camano Island--With a BRIDGE!
STRIKE BACK at the High Cost of Weddings and Events

As Cheap as $1,200 for three days complete with tent, stage, dance floor, chairs, tables, sound and lights, camping AND OFFICIANT!
Come visit, ride the Rail Pup, and check out our Event Site!

Need a spot to hold a wedding, reunion, etc. where you and your guests can camp out
(and we're a half mile from a secluded beach)
and have fun with privacy once the old folks leave for bed?

Having a kid's party, and you want an active alternative to Chuckie Cheeze? On our ten acres the kids can run wild, ride donkies, and whiz along on a small railroad track under their own power with the Fabulous Railpup! (c)

Looking for the best in vaudeville, variety and music talent? We Have Em!; music of any genre, Vaudevile Circus and Variety Acts, and Legit Theater.

You can hold your event in our heated tent on our beautiful Third World ten acres on Camano Island, the island you can drive to (there's a bridge). Now you can travel right to our entrance FREE from Everett Station, Mt. Vernon, or Stanwood on Island Transit. Leave your car at home and receive 10% discount! Chumleigh's Central Casting/Throwback Films is THE ALTERNATIVE Event Location and headquarters and has the LOWEST PRICES for our Event Site that includes a Genteely Shabby forty by sixty foot circus tent/wedding canopy, pa, lights, chairs/tables, portable stage and elegant portable oak parquet dance floor, and all your other production needs when you have your wedding, event, or party on our property. We can provide offbeat DJ services in any music genre, or you can just plug your I-pod into our sound system. We also offer a non-denominational mostly secular humorist wedding officiant (with over 70 successful weddings under his belt). And, we can supply ANY KIND of live music or reception talent you desire. From a huge orchestra to a simple and eloquent soloist, from thrashing goth punk to ethereal or pop, we can provide it, live or recorded. Looking for a Theme Wedding? You've come to the right place. We specialize in quick practical jokes during the ceremony (Viking invasions repelled by the bride and bridesmaids, entire sports teams dressed in mourning that break into tears whenever the bride is mentioned, sixteen women with squalling infants who march in at the point the officiant says "who so ever has a reason to object to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace", etc). Renaissance, Old Western, Neolithic, Star Trek, Hippie? You pick the theme and time period. You're only limited by your budget, and we'll help you make the most of that.
We do Free Event Consulting. If someone has it cheaper, we'll be happy to send you there. You're welcome to prepare you're own banquet, but if you need a caterer we work with great local folks who can supply fresh, local food, from fish to organic produce, and prepare it for the most discriminating pallet. We give big price breaks to good causes and worthy lefty non-profits too. We encourage you to shop around for your event planning. If you're planning a theatrical production or commercial/promotional event, we give big discounts for multiple days, weeks, or even months.
Film Buff? Wallow in Nostalgia with Reel Movies projected on a Big Screen! Do NOT forget to check out our Huge Collection of 16mm Classic Films. Want more than one feature? We can put together an indoor or Outdoor classic Cinema Festival in any number of genres (musicals, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, film noir, animation festivals, etc.) to show for ALL Occasions. One night shows or weekly series, indoors or out. We have special rates for non-profits/good causes.
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Throw Back Films
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