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Monkey Business-- (1931) BW Starring the Four Marx Bros as stowaways. Rowdy shipboard chases, Chico and Harpo’s musical interludes Famous “Maurice Chevalier” bit. IMDb link

Room Service--(1938 BW) Lucille Ball, Anne Miller and of course the Marx Bros in their least adlibbed role in this film version of the Alan Boretz/John Murray stage play about a group of performers about to be kicked out of their hotel just before they open a new play. IMDb link

It's a Gift-- (1934 BW) starring (and written by) WC Fields with Baby Leroy. Fields the henpecked dreamer sells his east coast business against his families’ wishes and strikes west in a jalopy for an unseen but paid for orange ranch. IMDb link

Poppy--(BW 1936) Starring WC Fields in this surpassingly charming story of a 1890’s grifter and his daughter who join a carnival. IMDb link

Pardon Us--(1931 BW) Their first talking feature! Stan and Ollie go to prison for breaking an immoral law (prohibition) IMDb link

Way Out West--(1936 BW) Laurel and Hardy in the wild west. Any questions? IMDb link

March of the Wooden Soldiers--(BW) Laurel and Hardy star in this movie adaption of the play “Babes in Toyland”. A greatkids film that will hold the attention of erudite adults. IMDb link

Saving Uncle Dudley--(1935 BW) Edward Everett Horton in one of his rare lead roles, about a man who is his small town’s greatest volunteer, is shunned in his time of need, and emerges victorious. IMDb link

Start Cheering--(1938, BW) A great film cause it has Jimmy Durante and the Three Stooges, and Broderick Crawford in the straight lead. A “B” film but shoved to “A” by Durantes performance. When he breaks into song it’s, it’s, like, THE VERY BEST amd a crime the studios kept him in locked into these shlocky little movies. Louis B. Meyer used to rub Jimmys nose for luck, a practice the seasoned performer hated. IMDb link

Hiya Chum--(1943, BW) The Ritz Bros (never seen em? you’re missing out) play entertainers who hit a small boom town and decide to open a diner. IMDb link

Champagne For Ceasar-- (1950, BW) is one of the greatest satires ever filmed. Anyone who sees it falls in love with this hilarious spoof of quiz programs and instant celebrity. Starring Ronald Colman as a genius who decides to ruin a quiz program when it's high-strung sponsor, Vincent Price, turns him down for a job. This is one of the greatest performances of Price’s career! His comedy dynamics are truly amazing and screamingly funny! Also starring Celeste Holm (stunning and very amusing here as the woman sent by Price to ruin Colman!), Art Linkletter as the obnoxious quiz show host, and lovely Barbara Britton as Colman's sister. This film is Hollywood at it's best-- great stars, sharp writing, well-played comedy, great music by Dimitri Tiomkin and great footage at the Hollywood Bowl. IMDb link

Dr. Strangelove (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)--(BW, 1964) Peter Sellers in multiple roles, George C. Scott, Slim Pickins in Stanley Kubricks’ cold war masterpiece of impending Armageddon. IMDb link

The Producers-- (Color, 1968) Mel Brooks first and funniest film (Springtime for Hitler) and perhaps one of the funniest films of all time, soon to be a brand new Broadway Musical, starring Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Dick Shawn IMDb link

Travels with my Aunt--(color, 1972,Cinemascope) Maggie Smth plays an elderly but vibrant bohemian lover of life who meets and has an awesome effect on her newly found dowdy square banker “nephew”. She enlists him in her quest to ransom a kidnapped fomer lover. A sweet and thoroughly enjoyable adventure and coming out of the cocoon movie, some ofwhich takes place on the Orient Express. Directed by George Cukor from the novel by Graham Greene. IMDb link

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