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Internet Movie Database links for each film if you need more info. If you’re a film buff and haven’t been to this site, check it out.
I don’t always agree with their popular reviews but it’s a great resource.

The Man Who Knew Too Much
--(BW, 1934) Hitchcocks’ tale of British spies with a masterful Peter Lorre. IMDb link

The Thirty Nine Steps
--(BW, 1935) Another Hitchcock Spy movie with a great ending in a British Music Hall. IMDb link

The Guilt of Janet Ames--(BW, 1947) Rosiland Russel, Sid Caeser, Nina Foch, and Hugh Beaumont (Beavers’ Dad) are part of the quality cast in this film about a woman (Russel) tryin to find out how her husband died. IMDb link

To Have and Have Not-- (BW 1947) Bogey as a down on his luck charter boat skipper in Martinique with Walter Brennan looking old even back then, and of course 19 year old smoldering Lauren Bacall. This is where the 43 year old Bogey met her. They immediately started an affair and it shows in the film IMDb link

The Big Sleep--(BW 1948) Bogey playing Sam Spade, with Lauren Bacall.
IMDb link

Murder Incorporated--(BW 1960) A young Peter Falk (and yes he never changed his style) plays a sociopathic gangland hitman. IMDb link

The Trunk--(BW, 1959) British psychodrama murder mystery with several twists and a body (and what a body) that won’t stay put. IMDb link

Rivers Edge-- (Cinemascope, color, 1957) Ray Milland plays a sleaze trying to make it across the border with his ex, her husband, and a suitcase chock full o’ money. IMDb link

Psyche 59
--(1964 BW) Steamy British film that stays purposely ambiguous about the actual subject of the movie. How did this woman go blind? Are her Euro-trash husband and slutty sexpot kitten 17 year old sister out to murder her? Are they out to murder each other? Erotic Dysfuntion reaches new heights...IMDb link

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