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Included are the
Internet Movie Database links for each film if you need more info. If you’re a film buff and haven’t been to this site, check it out.
I don’t always agree with their popular reviews but it’s a great resource.

The Sultan’s Daughter--(1940 BW) Charming “B” musical; with a lot of vaudeville acts you’ve never heard of in a film of what was obviously a staged review somewhere sometime. If only the Taliban were as much fun... IMDb link

Those Redheads from Seattle--(1953) Obscure Gold Rush musical set in the Yukon and Seattle. Those redheads are very cute in their 1900’s underwear but in BW.
IMDb link

Mountain Music--(1937 BW) Early Martha Raye and aging Bob Burns in this Feuding Hillbillies meet civilization via show business. The Hillbillies all look like Baby Gramps. Where’s the Hillbilly anti- defamation league when you need them?
IMDb link

Riders of Black River
--(1939 BW) Here is a great print of the 1939 Columbia pictures western feature . This Charles Starrett series feature co-stars Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. The Sons wrote some of their most famous songs in a matter of days for this series..(such as Blue Prairie) This film is no exception, it features some awesome muscial numbers. IMDb link


St. Louis Blues--(1929) one of the first soundies made. This is a two reeler and Bessie Smith’s only appearance on film. A fascinating movie made for black audiences of the time. IMDb link

Films Soundies (three to five minutes each)

Soundies were the MTV videos of their day. Shown both in movie theaters
and in special movie “juke boxes” so you could watch your favorite band as well and hear them. Some of them projected onto a screen that was reflected in a mirror that the audience watched, which is why the titles are occasionally reveresed when projected. Sometimes the visuals are as weird as anything you see today on MTV and have little seeming relationship to the song.

Back out West-Rudy Vallee

Lazy River--Mills Brothers

Paper Doll--Mills Brothers

Blues in the Night--Cab Calloway

Honeysuckle Rose--Fats Waller

Ain’t Misbehavin--Fats Waller

Lazybones--Hoagy Carmichael

Many others, the list is constantly growing... Keep checking this for updates. If you’re looking for a particular artist or band, email and I’ll try and find it for you...

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