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Two Reelers are a lost art form (except in Canada and Europe, and we all know how little they contribute culturally to the world). Mostly comedies, they last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes or so and quite often were the movie version of old vaudeville bits. They are a perfect thing to show with a feature, especially ones that star the same artist(s). An evenings mini-festival of two reelers is a great way to experience classic vaudeville performance.

The Live Ghost--(1934)Laurel and Hardy get shanghied aboard a ghost ship.
IMDb link

The Music Box--(1932) Laurel and Hardy have to move a piano up a loooong flight of stairs to a hilltop house. The stairs and house can still be seen in Hollywood. Email me and I’ll tell you where. IMDb link

Thicker Than Water--(1935) Laurel and Hardy are roomates, much to the chagrin of Hardys’ wife. IMDb link

The Pharmacist--(1933) WC Fields keeps his vaudeville routines alive for these two reelers that he later recycled for radio. IMDb link

The Dentist--(1932)--WC Fields drew the censors wrath in this one. Unbelieveable writhing in the chair. IMDb link

The Barber Shop--WC Fields hunts birds in his customers’ beard. IMDb link

Fatal Glass of Beer
--(1933) WC Fields in the Canadian Arctic. “and it’s not a fit night out for man nor beast...” IMDb link

Hotel Anchovy--(1934) Ritz Bros are hired by Miss Whitney to keep guests in her bankrupt hotel for appearences sake. They tweak potential bidders and save the day.
IMDb link

No More West--(1934) Bert Lahr (the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz) struts his vaudeville stuff in this story of an east coaster who longs for the Wild West.
IMDb link

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